AA Kunzite (9mm) Bracelet

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Introducing our stunning AAA Kunzite crystal bracelet - a true masterpiece that effortlessly combines elegance and metaphysical healing properties. Handcrafted with 10mm high-quality Kunzite gemstones, this exquisite piece radiates a mesmerizing pink hue, speckled with delicate lilac undertones.


Not only is this luxurious bracelet visually enthralling, but it also harnesses the healing power of AAA Kunzite, a coveted gemstone renowned for its ability to uplift emotions, strengthen intuition, and restore tranquility. When adorned, this enchanting crystal becomes more than a fashion statement - it transforms into an emblem of elevated wellness.


Handcrafted with high quaility 10mm AAA Kunzite Beads on Korean elastic, handmade in Hawaii.