Chrysocolla/Azurite Healing Bracelet

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Chrysocolla Healing Properties:

Chrysocolla calms, cleanses and re-energises all the chakras.  It draws out guilt, heals heartache and increases the capacity to love.  Improves communication and opens psychic vision.  Encourages self-awareness and inner balance.  Imparts confidence and sensitivity.  Chrysocolla enhances personal power and inspires creativity.  Overcomes phobias by drawing out negativity and supplying motivation.  Reduces mental tension.  Promotes truth-telling and impartiality.  Alleviates guilt and brings in joy.

Chrysocolla treats arthritis, bone disease, osteoporosis, muscle spasms, blood disorders and lung problems.  It detoxifies the liver, kidneys and intestines.  Re-oxygenates the blood, regenerates the pancreas and regulates insulin.  Strengthens muscles and alleviates muscle cramps.  Chrysocolla heals infections, lowers blood pressure and soothes burns.  Treats PMS and menstrual cramps.

Azurite Healing Properties:

Azurite heals emotional trauma from present and past lives at the mental level. It promotes karmic healing of negative energy patterns brought forward from other lifetimes. Azurite initiates intense transformation and transcendence. It encourages breakthroughs when a healing process seems stuck. Azurite dissolves emotional blocks and negativity. It will heal confusion, aid healers, mediators, and psychics. It will increase your healing abilities and visualisation.
Azurite clears stress, worry, grief and sadness. It allows you to show your emotions in a new light. It transmutes fears and phobias and brings an understanding as to why they occurred in the first place. It will settle someone down who talks too much out of nervousness. It also helps those who have no mind to mouth filter.
Lying stems from fear. Azurite has the ability to help you understand the reason for your fears, when you are habitually untruthful or deceptive. This stone can give you the courage to correct these patterns of behaviour so that you are able to be more clear and truthful to yourself and others. Azurite breaks chronic worry patterns. This stone overcomes long standing problems and breaks down communication blocks, It encourages professionalism and brings out leadership qualities. It aids elder statesmen, professors, researchers, librarians and counsellors.


Bracelet is made with 8mm beads on high quality Korean elastic stretch cord.