Multi-Colored Tourmaline Healing Bracelet

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Tourmaline Quartz Healing Properties:

Multi-coloured tourmaline is said to strengthen weak souls and bring about self confidence in them. It helps release tension and anxiety and increases one's level of tolerance. It guards the nervous system and improves the immune system. It also enhances hand and eye coordination and flexibility of the spinal cord and brings compassion, love and energy in any relationship.

Tourmaline is considered to be the 8th Anniversary gemstone. It is categorized as a semi-precious stone. It comes in various shades and hues; the most common among them is the multi-coloured tourmaline. As the name suggests, it is a stone that has two or more different colours and are sometimes referred to as either 'rainbow tourmaline' or even bi-coloured tourmaline. It is considered to be one of the most complicated minerals put together with mixed crystals of aluminium boron silicate. One can create completely different shades with the slightest changes in the composition. The name 'Tourmaline' is derived from a Singhalese word "Thuramali" or "Thoramalli" a term given to distinct gemstones in Sri Lanka.

Bracelet is made with 5mm faceted beads on high quality Korean elastic stretch cord.