Shungite (6mm) Healing Bracelets

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Shungite Healing Properties:

Shungite is a Precambrian carbonaceous rock of organic origin, which had been found only in Russia, Karelia, Lake Onega area.  Scientists estimate the age of Shungite to be almost 2 billion years.  There are three basic types of Shungite.

This regular Shungite comes from the Zazhoginskaya mine and contains about 30% carbon, 57% of silicates and 13% other minerals.  This material has black color, semi-matte surface and sometimes visible inclusions of other minerals.  

Shungite is considered to be unique for its healing properties.  It is said to eliminate all that imposes a hazard on people and living beings, but to concentrate all that is helpful for a human being, and also to shield harmful electromagnetic radiation of any origin like computers, mobile phones and others.  A pyramid made of shungite is believed to protect human energy field and reduce stress and insomnia.

Bracelet is made with 6mm beads on high quality Korean elastic stretch cord